About Us

Welcome and thanks so much for visting my website.

I'm Martine and I started up Bella and Wolf just over year ago. I've always had a love of design and have always wanted to start my own business. So during lockdown I decided to start designing my own prints.

Shortly after, I decided to sell on Etsy with a aim to making some extra money but soon realised after my first 100 sales that I could potentially turn this into a full time job. All of my reviews (see below) that I received were really positive which is when I decided to create my own website to try and target a wider audience.

I now have my own small office away from home where I create all of my new designs and package all of your orders plus all of the (not so exciting) admin work.

As a perfectionist I spare no costs to ensure that everything I produce for you is of the best quality.

I absolutely love what I'm doing and I hope you do too.

Thanks for reading!

Martine x